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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boating in MN

Hi friends,

Ready for some story time?

Over the 4th we went boating with my dad. It was so awesome to take My Little Princess tubing! We took her two years ago before we moved south, but she was too young to remember. She enjoyed it soooooo much. Huge smiles and it was a great memory that I got to make with her. :)

Unfortunately I do not think that Mr. Chaos Little Man enjoyed it. We hit a rather large wave while on the tube. I had one hand holding on to him and one hand holding the tube. I tried, but I could not keep us on the tube. If I had been by myself it would not have been a big deal. My instinct was to let go of Mr. Chaos and grab the tube to keep us on. I knew immediately if I let go of him, even with him in my lap, he would be bounced out while I was still on. I never let go of him but he really did not like going under the water even for a second. Apparently Mr. Fantastic has not boated as much as I previously thought because my dad had to tell him to stay in the boat while he brought it back around to pick us up. He has been more of a canoe/fishing boat type of guy as apposed to a speed boating/tubing/water skiing kind of guy to this point. I was completely calm and we were fine, but he wanted to rescue us. Dad explained that it was faster if he stayed in the boat so he could swing back around to pick us up. How chivalrous my husband is!

What family activities do you enjoy now or did you enjoy growing up?



  1. Thanks for stopping by today thru SITS. There's a whole other world out there and thru SITS I'm seeing it. I enjoyed your post about tubing, I think it's been a one hundred years since I did that.

  2. So sweet and fun too. I love that you're a bit of an action mama with the babes. Also enjoying the name 'Mr Chaos'...would be very apt for my little man. I remember when my eldest went in a kayak with my hubby on the sea last year, it was a real milestone moment as he's very much a scaredy cat, doesn't know how to swim, will barely dip his toes in the pool!

    Thanks for coming by my blog and taking the time to browse and give such great feedback. Stay saucy ;-)

  3. Good times and great memories.


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