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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mr. Fantastic is on board!

Hello all!

I am pleased to announce to you that Mr. Fantastic is starting his own new eating program!!! Yay! He has always been fantastically supportive of me as I take this journey. He also confessed to me that he wishes he had just taken the plunge and started eating differently when I did. :) Can anyone else say (ever-so-lovingly!), "I told you so!?"

His eating plan is a lot different than mine. Let us face the fact that men and women are different. All you feminist feel free to hate on me. Done? Right then. Mr. Fantastic is 6'7" and weighs in around 310 pounds. As you can imagine 300 pounds is not outrageous on his frame. And his arms, oh mama, his arms make me weak in the knees. Enough bragging. ;) He, like most of us, is carrying the extra around the middle. So, here is to you, my wonderful husband! I hope I can be as supportive to you as you have been to me.

The other thought that popped in to my head was that now not only will my husband smell like that ridiculously adorable Old Spice Man, but he will be looking like him soon too. My next thought was, "Well, better than him because his biceps are bigger, tehehe." Love the carpentry muscles. :)

Anyone have any thoughts on the Insanity workout??

Blessings to you all!


  1. I don't know about the insanity workout, but i wish your husband all the best! I hope Mr. Fantastic enjoys the new plan as much as you've benefited from yours.

  2. Well that will be great to have the support of your hubby (Mr. Fantastic? Love it!) on this better health journey.

    Really like the name of your blog, adding it to my list of Hot Blog Titles :-)

  3. This commerical just cracks all of us up! My guy and I are trying to start a new health journey since our journey over the last year has put quite a few pounds on each of us! Best of luck!

  4. oh that is so awesome! I actually just started the Insanity work out. Today is day 4 for me. Sooo hard, but I already feel tighter all over so it keeps me motivated to keep it up.


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