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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Many apologies

Dear friends,

I suck at friendship. I apologize and hope to do better in the future. I could give you a list of reasons, *ahem*, ok, excuses (like the whole family came down with strep and apparently amoxicillin does not work for any of us and we just get sicker and have to go back to the doctor for something stronger--all the while taking this first medication wondering why on God's green earth we do not feel any better and in actuality feel worse!!) and hope that you will forgive or I can get on with my post.

Part of the reason it has been so long between blog entries is that I am unsure what to write about. I am semi-on the eating right plan. I have been bad at limiting my sugar intake and cheating daily. However, I have not gain weight (in truth I think I have lost weight due to being sick), but I also have not weighed myself recently.

I have not been working out consistently. I tried to start back slow--3 days, 30-45 minutes, slow pace, walking and biking. Then the strep hit. Boo! Before that though I have still been dealing with this ankle injury. No, I have not made it to the doctor yet. Mr. Fantastic thinks I should go see his orthopedist who was awesome after his knee injury and like 3 other doctors failed miserably and should have their medical licenses pulled for idiotic treatment option suggestions were unable to diagnose the problem (it was entirely mechanical and they wanted to cut tendons). I would like to, but I just have not made it a priority. I should. You all (if anyone is still reading this) should bother me until I do.

So, there it is: I am not eating whatever I please with abandon (yay!), I am not working out due to illness and ankle injury (boo!), I am a terrible blogger (boo!), however I have discovered a lot of great blogs because I still desire to blog and like to get inspiration from you all!!! Talk amongst yourselves.



  1. Oh no! Hope everyone feels better soon. I've been away from blogging the last couple months myself - it kinda feels weird to be back (like I'm an outsider now or something) but I'm trying. BEST OF LUCK to you and yours!!

  2. You must get that from your Dad.
    Signed: Not Rebecca's Mom

  3. Aw, what a bummer that you've all been sick. Hope you're feeling better now, and that's awesome you haven't gained any weight, yay for that :)

  4. Hello, ankle injuries suck! I broke my foot in a car accident, it's all healed up but my ankle is still in pain. I miss working out and I have gained weight! Boo!


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