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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hi friends,

So, anyone else out there waiting for Mockingjay, final book of The Hunger Games trilogy, to come out? I totally was. I bought AND READ it all today, tehehe. I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Chaos want to take almost a three hour nap and My Little Princess want to play educational games on PBS Kids (as well as a few other distractions)! I was a bad, checked out mommy today. Ok, not entirely--I did a couple of crafts with them and went to visit a friend this morning and play and ok, so I did not entirely fail as a mommy today. :) Anyway, I snatched bits and pieces until I finished. So, so, so phenomenal. I actually cried at one point. I may have choked up at points in other books, but I actually shed tears. I am being intentionally vague because it was just released today and not every person will be able to finish it in a day like I did.

For those who have no clue what I am talking about I was blog hopping and found out about The Hunger Games series. Everyone raved about it (even the 3 employees in the bookstore when I was on my way to check out!) and only had good things to say. I love to read and it gets put on the back burner to being a mommy, but since I have extra time on my hands since I have not returned to a full on workout routine again I need something to fill my time. Anyway, check out these fantastic books if you are needing a good read. Be forewarned that picking them up will probably be hazardous to your sleep!



  1. How I know you love to read, bedtime I read story after story to you. We had 50-75 books and by the time you were 6 you knew if I would skip a page, miss something along the way. VERY good memories. I will see you before you know it.


  2. I LOVE The Hunger Games series! My copy is due to arrive today and I can hardly wait to read this AWESOME SAUCE conclusion to this trilogy!

    Dropping by from SITS! New follower too!

  3. I guess I better go pick up the Suzanne Collins books!


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