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Thursday, May 27, 2010

So, I'm a loser

Hello faithful followers!

I know I promised to get back to blogging about my weight loss and working out with the next post. I'm a loser and I haven't been working out regularly, therefore, I have not posted. I do apologize. Working out has become a difficult thing to fit in these last weeks. I'm successful at getting in to the gym or on my Wii Fit about once a week currently--I haven't entirely given up!!! :) For whatever reason my Little Princess has decided now that any time I drop her off anywhere she is going to cry and say no and she doesn't want to and she wants to go home right now (like my run-on?).

So, I'm just giving us a little break from the gym and trying to just make sure the Little People and I are out and active every day. Added benefit of this is they are tired and it is quality family time. Here is the only issue I am going to be coming up against: it is hot in Arizona. Perhaps you remember me mentioning this in the past? It is still true. So, we will be headed back in to the gym soon with it heating up.

Update on the weight loss: I have not lost any more weight, however, I have not GAINED weight either!!! Woohoo! I really, really, really want to wear my all my twelves so that means buckling back down to make it in to the gym and run/bike/swim/dance! Wish me luck, lovies!

Blessings on your journey,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swim lessons

Hello all!

I registered My Little Princess for swim lessons. She is three and a half now and we have a pool in our community that I would love to use, but I can't because she does not swim on her own and neither does Mr. Chaos (fifteen months). I can't swim alone with both of them. Well, I could, but I hate to put a life jacket on her just to swim in the pool. It just seems ridiculous to me. That being said I should have enrolled her in swim classes much earlier than now. I procrastinate. I own that and I deal.

Do you want to know the other reason I enrolled her in swim classes? I have taught her most of the skills they teach in the first class. I am very capable of teaching her all of those first skills. I can even teach her the basic strokes. However, she has absolutely no interest in learning to float. I (and Mr. Fantastic) have tried and I have been patient to no avail. Well, if you swim then you know that floating is one thing you have to kind of have to master before moving on to actual swimming.

Here is my theory, and I really hope I am right. I am Mommy, therefore, I am not always listened to. Do not get me wrong--my children do well overall listening and following directions. We have worked hard on that and I am proud of that. This is just something that goes with the territory unfortunately (parents, you know what I am talking about, right? Or maybe I am the only one). I am counting on the fact that this teacher is an authority figure and that My Little Princess will listen to them. Lessons start soon. They can't come soon enough for my liking. It is hot in AZ (in case there were any doubts, just letting you know, it's hot) and we really like playing in the water.  I would like to swim this summer! :)

What do you do to beat the summer heat?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Um, I don't think so, Mom

Hello friends and faithful followers,

I apologize for my absence from you! I have had no inspiring thoughts to share with you. Well, I have something to share now. Whether it is inspiring or not, well, probably not... tehe

My mother told me a few days ago that she has always had this feeling that there was the "possibility of a third grandchild." She has had it since I was pregnant with Mr. Chaos. Now, Mr. Fantastic and I have said we are done at two. I told him if he wants more he is having them. That pretty much settled it. Both pregnancies were tough on me and I do not want to go through a third. Both of my kids were completely worth it. I just choose not to go through it again. I told God we had a deal--no more. I told a friend that I think I would feel like the universe took a cosmic dump on me if I got pregnant again. She found it hilarious and sad all at the same time. After I got past the initial shock I am sure happiness would follow, but I can tell you that would not be my first reaction to such a precious gift from the Lord another time around.

What do you think was the first thing I did when she told me this? I calmly opened my computer and started researching urologists (these are the people who do the snippy snippy for your husband). I found two that were close to us and wrote down their numbers. Neither one of them took our insurance when I called them the following day. So, I called my insurance company for who was in their network. The first people I called only did children, thank you very much oh, wise insurance referral person. That annoyed me. Moving on, I called the second and yes! they can get us in over Memorial Day weekend.

No, Mom, there is NOT the "possibility" of a third grandchild. I'm picking up my renewed BC this week. Maybe we'll adopt. I'm open to that as a "possibility." Right now, Mommy can't handle that--not any time soon anyway. And I'm trying to fit into my clothes again... You know, the whole point of this blog chronicling my journey from 214, right after Mr. Chaos 15 months ago, to 178 now and still going. Thanks for the motivation to make the snippy appointment, Mom. We're taking care of that ASAP.

Hope you can hear the sarcasm. I love my mom. She's one of my best friends. That's why I can poke fun. Hope you laughed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hey y'all!!

So today we attended our MOPS meeting and my little Princess came home with a cup full of dirt. I have no idea what is planted in it. I was not told, nor given any verbal instructions, or written instructions. I'm curious to see what it is. I just hope I don't kill it. Eek!

Which then got me back to the subject with the little lady of wanting to plant the seeds that Auntie had given her. My hesitation to this point in time has been our backyard, or lack there of. It was basically storage for some of Mr. Fantastic Husband-Man's crap that he's been holding on to since we move... almost two years ago now... and still hadn't gone through... This did not make me happy, but hey, how could I go through 20 years of memories and throw them out by myself? Tempted though I was, I refrained. Well, I am pleased as punch to be able to tell you that 15 bins (not the small ones either, folks) has turned in to 4! And it's mostly just pictures and old t-shirts and books. :) We have a backyard (small though it is) again!!!! Super excited by this fact and spurred on by MOPS we took a little trip to WalMart and purchased our pots and soil. There are four pots of flower seeds bursting with potential and one little plastic mystery cup.

If you want another baby to invest your time in to, but can't afford it or want to continue to sleep at night I suggest planting flowers or a garden. If you do it, you'll get what I mean. Or someone can interpret in the comments. I'm tired. Nikki kept me up on the phone. It's her fault if this is not cohesive or entirely finished thoughts. And Justin too. :P