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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hey y'all!!

So today we attended our MOPS meeting and my little Princess came home with a cup full of dirt. I have no idea what is planted in it. I was not told, nor given any verbal instructions, or written instructions. I'm curious to see what it is. I just hope I don't kill it. Eek!

Which then got me back to the subject with the little lady of wanting to plant the seeds that Auntie had given her. My hesitation to this point in time has been our backyard, or lack there of. It was basically storage for some of Mr. Fantastic Husband-Man's crap that he's been holding on to since we move... almost two years ago now... and still hadn't gone through... This did not make me happy, but hey, how could I go through 20 years of memories and throw them out by myself? Tempted though I was, I refrained. Well, I am pleased as punch to be able to tell you that 15 bins (not the small ones either, folks) has turned in to 4! And it's mostly just pictures and old t-shirts and books. :) We have a backyard (small though it is) again!!!! Super excited by this fact and spurred on by MOPS we took a little trip to WalMart and purchased our pots and soil. There are four pots of flower seeds bursting with potential and one little plastic mystery cup.

If you want another baby to invest your time in to, but can't afford it or want to continue to sleep at night I suggest planting flowers or a garden. If you do it, you'll get what I mean. Or someone can interpret in the comments. I'm tired. Nikki kept me up on the phone. It's her fault if this is not cohesive or entirely finished thoughts. And Justin too. :P



  1. Gardens our fun! I can't wait until we have our own so I can create a big one. Until then we will just plant in cups!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. hi from SITS!

    and if only you'd given me this advice before i had the kid! :)

  3. haha, that's funny! Great advice :)
    Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you back!

  4. A garden will take up your time, but you're right - at least you can sleep through the night, ha! ha! ha! I love this blog. Hope the mystery plant survives and your garden blooms into something fabulous!


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