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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swim lessons

Hello all!

I registered My Little Princess for swim lessons. She is three and a half now and we have a pool in our community that I would love to use, but I can't because she does not swim on her own and neither does Mr. Chaos (fifteen months). I can't swim alone with both of them. Well, I could, but I hate to put a life jacket on her just to swim in the pool. It just seems ridiculous to me. That being said I should have enrolled her in swim classes much earlier than now. I procrastinate. I own that and I deal.

Do you want to know the other reason I enrolled her in swim classes? I have taught her most of the skills they teach in the first class. I am very capable of teaching her all of those first skills. I can even teach her the basic strokes. However, she has absolutely no interest in learning to float. I (and Mr. Fantastic) have tried and I have been patient to no avail. Well, if you swim then you know that floating is one thing you have to kind of have to master before moving on to actual swimming.

Here is my theory, and I really hope I am right. I am Mommy, therefore, I am not always listened to. Do not get me wrong--my children do well overall listening and following directions. We have worked hard on that and I am proud of that. This is just something that goes with the territory unfortunately (parents, you know what I am talking about, right? Or maybe I am the only one). I am counting on the fact that this teacher is an authority figure and that My Little Princess will listen to them. Lessons start soon. They can't come soon enough for my liking. It is hot in AZ (in case there were any doubts, just letting you know, it's hot) and we really like playing in the water.  I would like to swim this summer! :)

What do you do to beat the summer heat?


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  3. When I was little, I refused to go to swimming lessons until after my mum had already taught me to swim...

  4. Let me know how she does. I had planned on signing mine up for classes but we are moving and have way too much going on. Mine turns 4 in Sept and is terrified of going under water :)

  5. Swimming is SO much fun! My son just LOVES it : ) She will hopefully love it too! One thing I found that is very helpful is to make sure the pool is warm. A lot of kids hate jumping in when it is freezing cold and then that makes lessons difficult! Good luck!

  6. My husband can't float. I've tried and tried to teach him but he just can't do it. Maybe I should enroll him in classes hehe!!

    I'm so glad you found my blog, thanks for the sweet comment. And I just adore your header image, I grew up in AZ and miss it terribly.

  7. Ha! Great question! I weasle my way into the hearts of friends who have pools!


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