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Friday, September 10, 2010

Therapeutic therapy

Hello friends,

I have been busy doing a lot of nothing lately, thus no updates for you. However, we have progress! Here is what is new in my corner of the universe:

I have added more resistance and exercises to my physical therapy routine!! Woo!!

Ok, so I know that is not super exciting to all of you, but celebrate a little with me. I am making progress! Yay! My ankle kills still most days. It gets pretty sore, but I can feel a difference in the soreness. It is a strengthening soreness instead of an injury soreness. Hopefully you know what I mean and if you do not then I hope it is because you have never been injured in your life! :) Want to know what exercises I am doing? Of course I would be happy to tell you! Thanks for asking.

Exercise ball wall squats
Balance board for my ankle
"Monster" walks (resistance band tied around ankle and go forward/backward/side to side)
Writing air ABC's with my ankle
Circles with ankle
Lunges (ugh!)
Resistance bands up/down/left/right
Legs lifts with weights
Heel raises on a stair
Stand on balance squishy blue things (I swear, that is what they called them) while throwing a ball into a trampoline and catching it (this one seems rather pointless to me, but they tell me to do it so I do as told)
Biking for 10 mins

Ice & stim have to be some of my favorite parts at the end. And as much as the hard tools used to massage my leg/ankle/foot hurt they really help.

That is my life as far as working out goes. I have to take it easy in between because of how much my ankle hurts from how hard they work it. I have been pretty faithful doing the stuff I can outside the office on my own time too. God willing, I should be better in the next couple weeks. I can feel strength returning! Onward! Hope your journeys are going well too. I would love to hear your story and support you too. I love your comments--they are a huge encouragement to me!



  1. Good luck with your PT and rehabing your ankle! Have a great weekend!

  2. This too shall pass. You will be hiking before you know it.


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