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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Workout train, whoot whooooo!

Hi all,

I worked out yesterday in the gym for the first time in months. Oh, my gym closed! Ahahahaha! I was like, really? Really? How did this happen AGAIN? This is the second time my gym has up and closed its doors and left us all in the wind. The only thing I could do was laugh.

However, the GREATEST THING EVER happened--the building management company is keeping it open and it is FREE! For now anyway... tehehe I like free!

My ankle started complaining after 20 minutes on the bike and after my other exercises. Today, it is a bit stiff, but doing alright overall. I am seriously considering just pushing hard and beating my ankle into submission. You know, that or re-injure myself. It is a toss up right now what I will decide.

Stay tuned!!

I hope your journey is going well! I miss you blog world. Please update me on how you are. I really love your comments and try to respond to every one!


P.S. I shall tell you the story of the Air Conditioning Debacle in my next post!

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