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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Tis the season

Hello friends!

Some of you may be wondering is this girl off her rocker? Christmas was a month ago. Well, not the season I am referring to, y'all. Cold and flu season is upon us and has been harassing my family on and off for the past two months.

Friends, it is very difficult to go work out when you feel sick and lightheaded and nauseated every time you start to get active and bouncy (think Zumba and running). It makes my life very frustrating. I sleep better when I am active. I have a little wiggle room in what I choose to eat (I have a weakness for licorice and pasta). My overall sense of well being is better. I am a better mother (it's true)! I have more energy for life and the things it throws at me every day. I am finding this sickness very, very bothersome and irritating. And I have gained back 10 pounds, that is right 10!, of what I lost. :( This makes me mad. I know what to do about it and am willing to do it, however, my body is not cooperating.

I have coerced recruited a friend to start doing interval running with me... once I'm not sick. I have been wanting to do this for about two months, but that is when the busyness of travel, holidays, and sickness started in. She is still game, but I want to start now and my body is preventing me. I have tried resting, sweating it out, vitamins, doctors visits, chiropractor visits, and so on. It seems as if we just cannot kick this bug. I would really appreciate your prayers for health for me and my family.

What do you do to kick a hanger on bug?

Blessings, and health, is my wish for you this week!

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  1. I hope your family feels better soon. A day in bed is always nice.



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