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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello one and all!

Hello to everyone who still may be following me!

I apologize for the long absence in my posting. I honestly have thought many times about what I would post and been at a loss. I have been bouncing on and off the work out train as my health has allowed. The ankle does not give me trouble most days. The only problem it seems is that as soon as I start to get back in to a routine I or the kids get sick, like really sick.

Last week I went to Zumba on Wednesday and got 35 minutes in to it and had to leave. My stomach and digestive track were not happy with all the movement and neither was the lightheadedness helping my situation. I have been very sick all week. While one of my best friend visited I had to stay in bed a lot because I was so unwell. I am mommy. I do not get sick days. They are not allowed. I certainly do not want to have sick days when my wonderful husband has zero time off to cover it. I clearly do not want to be sick when one of my best friends flies across the country to spend a few short days with me. I absolutely want to continue working out because I have put back on *gasp* 10 pounds that I lost since the ankle injury. And I really do not want to whine or complain about my situation, however, I feel I owe anyone still checking up on me an explanation.

So, you will be getting the occasional post about my eating/working out, however, there is going to be a lot more about what is going on in my head and my family. And now Mr. Chaos Little Man has decided to go play with electronics that would make daddy unhappy so I am off.


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  1. One day at a time. All you can do is the best you can, after that nothing else really matters. You have been pretty lucky in your life, things come pretty easy for you. Or maybe you just make it look easy.


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