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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting dirty!

Hello all!
So, in honor of eARTh Day I wanted to blog about my hike on Sunday with the family! We had a good time going to Superstition Springs Mountain Range and hiking the Hieroglyphic Trail. We only made it about half a mile in and then had to turn around. My little princess was walking for part of it and going REALLY, really, really slow. Then Mr. Fantastic Daddy carried her for a while, but my back was starting to hurt from lugging Mr. Chaos Little Britches around. For as great as our Kelty carriers are they aren't perfect. I need them to be a little bit shorter in the torso and they just don't adjust down quite that short. What can I do? I'm short, or travel-size, or fun-size, whatever.

Side note: This is why I am dreaming of my Osprey Ariel backpack for my anniversary trip into the BWCA next summer!!! Soooooooooo, comfy! Anyone out there wanting to send me one for free? I'm looking at the 65. Just in case! :) I'm wishing they made a kid carrier. Or maybe I need the newer model from Kelty. Either way, not in the budget just yet.

Back to the story! So, it was getting hot as we gotten a later start than planned (right about noon) and it was dusty and we had to stop at all the flowers and rocks. I do know that Princess is a bit young to be hiking on her own (she's only three and a half!), and we know this will involve short hikes whenever we go with the intent that she walks. What I did not count on was her being soooooooo slow this time. We probably could have finished the three mile hike with myself and Mr. Fantastic Daddy-Man carrying the kids, but I can only handle Little Chaos Man on my back for so long I've discovered. Maybe next time!

I loved seeing all the flowers in bloom here in the desert in the spring. We are surrounded by a lot of brown, but the desert really comes to life in the spring and when it rains. Mr. Fantastic and I are on the same page about the kids being out in nature and learning about this amazing world God has given us. So, we got sweaty and hot and dusty and had a great time! :) It was our early eARTh day celebration. I'm considering taking My Little Princess to Disney Oceans. Any thoughts?
What did you do on eARTh day or in recognition of it?

Blessings all,

P.S. Check back tomorrow to see my thoughts on cycling! I took my first class today. :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I am following you back! That scenery is beautiful!

  2. Wow! Beautiful pictures. I love hiking in the desert in spring. I often visit in Sedona and we hike almost everyday. And when we can we head down south to the phoenix and Tuscon areas.

  3. I've never been hiking before, although I would really love to! For Earth day, I planted more flowers in my garden :)
    Happy Saturday Sharefest! :D


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