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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Purse giveaway that you shouldn't enter...

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love purses (my husband practically drags me by that section in stores). What's better than a new purse? A FREE, new purse! Don't enter, ok? Because I totally want to win this one. Ok? Do not click, do not follow the instructions, do not enter. Got it? Thanks for helping me up my chances!!! :) And Mo is actually a pretty neat girl, so you should check out her blog. 

Josiah's Nest: Oh, look. It's Thursday. Time for an Etsy Contest: Win a pouch of your choice from CharmDesign! (Sweet, right?!)

Blessings all!
Josiah's Nest: Etsy Contest - CharmDesign
For this week's Etsy Contest on Josiah's Nest, I am featuring CharmDesign, an awesome handmade purse boutique! Ranja, owner and designer of CharmDesign, has decided to give away a round zipper pouch to one of my blog readers! ...

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