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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Extraordinary Veterans

Hi y'all,

Remember how I left y'all out in the cold for months and months? I am not doing that again. Did you see my list of things I am going to discuss with you? It is time to dive in!

Friends, I find words inadequate when discussing about the topic of our military and those who serve. I cannot begin to describe the deep-seated thankfulness and genuine gratitude that I have for those who have served, fought, supported soldiers, and lost their lives so I can live in this country and enjoy the freedoms I do.

I have the right to bad-mouth the very people who have fought and gave their life for that right. How extraordinary is that? I would never dream of doing such a thing. I have extremely high respect for these people, but that right is there nonetheless. I have the right to live my life in whatever manner I deem fit, because they go and defend that right time and again. They spend sleepless nights on watch, under fire, in freezing temperature, for long hours, sitting back to back with their comrades, just so that I can sit on my tush in my preferred temperature in my comfortable home and watch The Big Bang Theory and giggle at all the lovely nerd references.

These people are truly heroes. This is my opinion and I proudly own it. I will not tolerate any berating comments so do not post 'em, okay? Thanks. I am not saying you have to agree with me. This is the beauty of what these men and women have fought and are fighting for--our freedom to agree to disagree. Do you get that? I hope so. Even if you do not agree with the all the current or past military actions I ask that you show respect to the people that defend your freedom to disagree. So, instead of railing against the war and the failure of democracy and whatever else you feel the need to be heard on, please, just bite your tongue and thank a veteran and go along your merry way. Oh, and while we are at it, please thank the families that have supported and sacrificed along with our soldiers. They are an invaluable part of this day that are often overlooked. Thank that new wife who said goodbye to her husband a week after they were married. Thank the parents who lost their son or daughter in a roadside bombing. Thank the mother and her four children that spent extended tour after extended tour away from their father who missed birthdays and holidays and school plays.

This is the month where it is on our calendars to take time out of busy lives to stop and be thankful.

Be thankful and be blessed,

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  1. From a vet - thank you for the kind words.


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