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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Work out update

Hi friends,

I went and worked out on Monday at the gym. I rode a bike for 45 minutes. I watched an episode of Burn Notice. In case you were unaware, which I most of you probably are, I am a huge fan of Burn Notice and Michael Weston! Anyone else? ;) I rode about 9.5 miles and burned approximately 250 calories. Yay me! I was so bored biking though (thank goodness for Burn Notice!). Also, I felt a bit out of place. The only other two people on bikes were pregnant ladies. Kudos to them for staying active! I could feel the strain in my ankle in a major way. It is still very weak. :( I have been doing ankle exercises to try to restore some strength, but it is just not happening as fast as I would like. I am frustrated that I am not recovery as fast as I thought I was and at how weak my ankle still is. :(

Now, my ankle has been stiff for the past two days and I am supposed to go salsa dancing with a friend on Saturday. I think an ankle brace may be in order to protect my ankle and not re-injury it. Just another bump in the journey, I suppose. What is that saying that so many people in my life love? Oh, yes: "This to shall pass." True enough, but I am still discouraged today. So, I choose to move on and have a good attitude. It is a choice, you know. That reminder is me talking to me. Ok, have a fantastic day and know that you can choose to have a good attitude despite circumstances that try to steal your joy!



  1. Good for you for making the right choice and having such a great attitude! And good for you for being able to stay on the bike for 45 minutes! I don't think I have a long enough attention span to do that.

    Thanks for linking up to Weight Loss Wednesday! ♥ Tracey

  2. Sure hope your ankle gets back to normal quickly. I first realized I had weak ankles when I went ice skating the first and last time ever.

  3. I hope you feel completely well soon! That must be very aggravating.


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