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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting my groove back

Hello all!

I hope this day is treating you well. My family and I have been sick for the past four days. We have had stomach issues. You can imagine how fun that has been, or maybe you do not want to. Anyway, since I have not been eating much aside from crackers and gatorade I figured that this would the opportunity I needed to get back to basics. I have been cheating more than once a week--try more like once a day! Eep! I am not going to start entirely over, but I need to get back to more protein in my eating habits and less sugar.

If you new here and are wondering about my eating plan check out my first post on the subjectas well as this step, and I have come to the point now where I get to cheat once a week and eat something like a donut or a glass of wine. :)

Here's my update on the swimming lessons we started. My Little Princess is swimming a ton better now. I feel like I can take her and Mr. Chaos Little Man swimming by myself. We have started in a semi-private class and I feel like we have been moving backward the past three days. I have decided we are going to stick it out and see. I am not happy right now though. :(

And for those that wanted to know, we killed the mystery flower. I think that I over watered it, even though I live in AZ. However, one of our four pots we seeded is doing awesome! Wanna see? We expect pink, red, and white blossoms soon! :)

How does your garden grow?

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  1. Hey Becca! This is awesome! I love hearing about your life...we need to chat u! Love, Nana


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