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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby steps=more food choices!!!

Greetings friends and Happy Follow Friday!

So I hit the two week mark of being very good and sticking to my eating plan. :) Woohoo!!! This means that I get more food choices now! Yippee-ki-yeah! Worth it-totally. I see a huge difference already and so do others. Maybe I can ask them for a few quotables for you all to read. I'm very excited by all this. Can you tell?

Want to know what I can now eat in addition to my basics? For a review of the basics check out this post.
Here's the next page in my eating plan:
Follow the same foods as before. However, there are more substitutes you may have.

2 pieces of low carb bread (a day) OR 1 low carb tortilla
Tuna sandwich or egg salad sandwich (low/light mayo)-no cheese
OR plan ham sandwich with lettuce & tomato only
OR turkey-bacon sandwich with lettuce & tomato only

No more than 1 cup of skim milk (I had been wondering when I would get to drink milk again!!!). Kashi Go-Lean is a great cereal (I've heard the Go-Lean Crunch is best tasting) to eat or mix with yogurt.

Snack substitutes (I'm so thanking God for this because I was soooooo bored with my snackage!!!):
1. Stuffed mushrooms with hamburger meat, mozzarella (I'm assuming low cal/light though she didn't specify that), and spices
2. Stuffed jalapenos with spinach
3. Lettuce rolls with any kind of meat (no sauce other than salsa though)
4. Sunflower seeds (non-salted) 1/2 cup
5. Nuts 1/2 cup
6. Sugar free jello (I've never been so excited for jello!!! ahaha)
7. Pepperoni chips (I'm very excited for these though I've never had them they sound good)
8. Pork rinds
Low carb fudge bars (1 a day if you want) <-------See that!?!?! I get to eat something that tastes super yummy now!!! Woohoo!!! *dance party* Break it down, na! lol

Mustard is fine with anything. Eat tons of pickles if you can (those burn the heck out of fat cells!!!)
She also mentioned adding salsa and vinegar to any time to any thing to help burn up those fat cells.

She also decided to add sit-ups to the routine since I'm already supposed to be doing at least 30 minutes of cardio, working up to 45 minutes 3-4 times a week. I say supposed to because I was already doing 45 minutes of cardio about 4-5 times and recently an hour of zumba two days a week. You can read about my zumba experiences here, here, and here. There are weeks I make it to the gym or am active 6 out of 7 days. Go me!! When I realize how good I've been I take a day off, lol. I'm just at the time in my life where I can make it a priority and am choosing to do so. Buzz word: I choose to do so. You really do have to choose and commit if this is going to work. This is not another fad diet (dirty word) or something you can try and decide it didn't really work for you because until you get through the first two weeks I don't think you've given it an honest, committed effort (My first two weeks weren't strictly committed and I had to start over! That's how serious she was able this with me). She said it took her three tries before she could get serious and just stick to it. So, that being said, this isn't for everyone. It really takes dedication and support (My family has been amazingly supportive and given up things too just to make it easier on me and I never asked them to, but they did! How cool is my family?!). Don't feel bad if this isn't realistic for you! Maybe one day it will be. And maybe you don't need something this intense. I do. And it's working!!!! :D

Back to the sit-ups. She wants me to do 3 to 5 minutes of straight sit-ups, well, crunches because I want to protect my back. :)
Here are the instructions she wrote:
3 to 5 minutes--->Go until you can't anymore, then wait 30 seconds and continue on until you hit the 3 minutes mark. After 2 weeks you should be at 3 minutes straight. Start working toward 5 minutes.

Say it with me, "Ouch!" Well, that is one of my areas on my body I take issue with so I suppose it's not a bad thing to add this in. I do inwardly wince at how much this is going to hurt, especially the second and third days. Ooooo, not a pretty thought. Shake it off. Just do it, right? I think I'll probably start this after my mini-vaca! I will still keep up the eating plan and we will be very active so I'm not worried about that part. :)

Can I tell you that the last two nights I've not had the impulse to snack?! My mindset is changing ya'll! Wheeeeeee! Part of this eating plan is changing my mindset towards food and it is taking hold in me. This has gotten easier as the time has passed. Though I have to admit that my Grandma's peanut butter cookies that she baked especially for me fresh on Tuesday so they could leave the airport with my dad early Wednesday morning to make it into my hot little hands was very, very tempting. Soon, Grandma, soon I may have them again! What a nice thing to do though, huh? Did I mention I have a fantastic family? :)

Blessings on your journey today!

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