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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oops, I did it again!

Hi all!

Ok, so it wasn't exactly an oops, but I did Zumba again on Tuesday! This time one of my friends was there who has been doing the class for a little while. It was nice to see a friendly face. I totally recommend going with someone else. Even if you are both new to Zumba a friend helps-just for morale support-when you mess up the steps or have no idea how to even start to follow along (been there!).

Here's what changed for me this time: My gal friend said, "Ooooo, I like this one because it really works your butt!" That got me thinking. Instead of just seeing this as sexy, latin dance think about why you are doing the move you are doing. By bouncing your butt in the air you really are strengthening your glutes! I felt the burn. When I focused on that fact, instead of how some of this felt inappropriate in public (and I still kind of wish the that the floor to ceiling windows and doors weren't completely glass and next to the free-weights where the men typically hang out), I started to really see the benefit of Zumba and why it is catching on.

There is another element at work--it is fun! You are dancing and moving feet and raising your arms and squating and lunging and, yes, shaking your groove thang. I was sore after the first time for a couple days in places I wasn't used to. This time was better on the soreness factor. It is an excellent way to challenge your muscles in a different way than other exercise like running or yoga. Also, this is latin-inspired. There is an element of sexiness that is undeniable. I was at a party with some other ladies and (this was before I'd tried Zumba) one woman recommended you not practice Zumba naked in front of the mirror if your husband is around. You won't be practicing Zumba moves anymore... ANYWAY

So, second time out, I had more fun partially because I knew what to expect and partially because I had a friend there. :) I will let you know what my conclusion is after two more classes. I figured I should give it a fair shake (pun intended ;) ). AND there was less booty shaking this time (not my imagination at work here--someone else commented too)... however, there was more booby shaking, lol. Ladies (and--this is a little awkward for me to say, sorry--gentlemen, if applicable), doubling up the sports bras to keep girls in check if you are well-endowed is a must.

Lastly, went for a bike ride with my daughter today! She asked and I couldn't resist (little brother napped at home with daddy!). We did about 40 minutes. Man, oh man, I forgot how much biking really works those inner thighs! My daughter rode in the bike trailer for this one so that was at least 55 pounds I was hauling between her and the trailer. Good workout and great treat for my baby!

Grandpa, I know you are reading this blog. Please get that Princess bike soon so I can just haul your grandson next time and your granddaughter can ride next to me. Much obliged! :)

Blessings all,

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