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Monday, March 15, 2010

Count backwards with me now...

Hello friends!

So, it is officially official because I'm announcing it on my blog: *drum roll please* I am no longer wearing my size 16 clothing! I am wearing my size 14 clothing!!! Can I tell you that I'm super excited that this has happened in three weeks time?! I can wear all my size 14 clothing comfortably and not be squeezing in and sucking it up just to button my pants (come on, you know you've done it too!). I feel amazing! I have more energy to give during my workouts and during my day with my kids and my husband thinks I'm hot (Ok, to his credit he always thinks that and makes me feel beautiful!). My body is starting to respond quicker to what I ask it to do and so on. I haven't "arrived" yet, but I'm on my way!

A friend of mine noticed the difference my new plan has made and said she wanted to join me! You can check out her journey of a different sort here!

I was thinking how fast my reaction time used to be playing basketball and how I could run down the ball and get in front of another girl to make the block and so on. I was thinking about the fact that I could ask my body to do that right now, but it just wouldn't be able to because of the extra weight I'm carrying. Soon though! :)

I went for a hike yesterday and carried my son on my back while doing so--I so rock! :) It was a shorter hike, but the terrain was kind of rough actually (we didn't do the hike we thought we were going to with our daughter). Check this out (and by this I mean me!):

I actually worked out every day last week except Saturday! It is a goal of mine to go every day, but I rarely make that happen (many of you understand that life with kids isn't exactly something you can plan). I was super excited yesterday when I realized what had happened! I took my daughter on a bike ride one day while my son napped with daddy at home. We had a great time! Another day, instead of going to the gym I decided to go to the zoo and push about 70lbs worth of children around in the stroller! And yesterday I hike carrying my "little" guy. He weights 27lbs and he's 1! Crazy, I know. So, I encourage you to get out this week and do something different: rollerblade, walk outside, play a sport, bike, swim, just do something different!

Oh, so I have to tell you one more thing: since I "cheated" and ate pizza and a hamburger I had to start my first two weeks over with this new plan. Apparently I do have to be super strict right now. Oops! tehe I've been kicking butt for the last five days and been sticking to this like white on rice, baby! No deviations, none, zip, nada, zilch. The best reason out of the several I was given is because I'm training my body to grab the good, healthy protein and use it for fueling my body. Eventually, when I'm allowed a cheat time, my body will just automatically say this doesn't belong here and not store the extra sugar/calories/carbs/whatever and just release it. I'm liking that! This process is about two months long, I'm told. So, I've started my two weeks over and am again looking forward to eating my green veggies! I really do heart my asparagus! Zumba tomorrow!

Good luck and blessings on your journey, whatever it may be!

P.S. Guys, stop reading now. You probably don't want to know this last bit.

P.S.S. Hey ladies, especially you mommies, I'm sooooooo done with nursing bras now and I'm super excited to put back on the regular ones with the awesome support that actually look right under my clothes!!! YAY!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am. Yes, I know that's silly. No, I don't care that you are laughing at me and shaking your head. Some of you can relate! ;) And guys, I did warn you to stop reading so it's not my fault you are weirded out and thinking you could have lived a fulfilled life not knowing that detail about me. Deal with it. :P

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