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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random teeth brushing

Hi friends!

Again, I've dropped the ball! However, I have a really awesome excuse. I had a sick hubs and then on top of that I turned my ankle in a nasty fashion. I'm on week three of recovery and most (not all) of the swelling is gone, though it still has lingering bruising and pain. So, my itch to get back to the gym has once again been postponed. I've actually been very antsy these past few days. I think it is the reverse psychology working on me. I can't work out, therefore, I really want to work out. My chiropractor adjusted my ankle and asked how I was doing since I had started running and this was (he assumed correctly) interfering with that. I lamented about the inconvenience and he sympathized and cautioned me to start back easy. Thanks, Dad. *insert eye roll here* I do know this and I appreciate the care, but it really makes me want to ignore it, lol.

My Little Princess decides to randomly, throughout the day to brush her teeth. I rather like this. I just thought I'd share that lovely fact with all of you. Also, we are on week two, day six of swim lessons and the Little Princess is doing fan-freaking-tastic, y'all!!! I couldn't be much more thrilled with her progress. My only thing is that while she is doing incredible I need her swimming really well to be able to take her and Mr. Chaos Little Man swimming in the pool by myself. She is not quite there yet. I will be enrolling her elsewhere for another session. It's a private instructor and she assured me by the end of the ten days that if My Princess isn't swimming it is because she doesn't want to, not because she can't. I think this will be easier for her to pick up and solidify since we did the city's park and rec aquatics program first. It's 5x as expensive, but I won't have to wait all summer and spend the same amount to have her swimming. Have I ever mentioned I live in AZ and it's hot? :) We really love the water and want to all play this summer. Check back again, because My Little Princess should be swimming by July, baby!!! :)


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Congrats on your little girl learning how to swim. You must be so proud. And how cool that she enjoys brushing her teeth, LOL. I'm sorry to hear about your hurt leg. Hope you get better soon.


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