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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Butterfly garden

Hi friends and family!

The kids and I got to experience something very cool. We were able to release brand new butterflies that had never flown before into the Butterfly Garden in the Phx Botanical Gardens. They ship the butterflies at 50 degrees because they do not use their wings until it is at least 60 degrees because that is the temperature that flowers open at (I learned something new that day too!). We ripped open the envelopes and ours flew right out, no holding them for a minute for their wings to warm up. They hopped onto the flowers and ate and then fluttered around. We probably released a dozen. How fortunate and blessed are we?! How many people get to experience that in their lifetimes? The thought never crossed my mind. The woman there said that they get butterflies about once a week and release them whenever they end up getting them. There is no set timeline or day. Pretty neat, right?! Ok, I think I may have loved it more than the kiddos, but I think My Little Princess enjoyed it a ton too. She kept asking if she could release more. Mr. Chaos shied away at first flight, but then pointed and yelled, "WHAT'S DAT?!?!" :) I did bring the camera and am so very glad I did!!!!

God's creation is so awesome!

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  1. You should be getting another butterfly treat this week. Kiddos will be able to see the entire process.


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