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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 2 of Potty Training

Hi y’all,
Day 2 of potty training went better and worse than day 1. I was not as emotional and I had Mr. Fantastic Husband Man’s help.
Overall the Mr. Chaos Little Man had two successful trips to the bathroom and only one accident. He had a little accident overnight about 3am, but was dry in the morning. :) I think the poor little guy is stressing out some about going to the bathroom and is just holding it in until his bladder reaches capacity. I was not down there for the accident, but Mr. Fantastic said it was a flood. The kid has major bladder capacity and superman like bladder control. 
Little Man being stressed out by this is the bad part, but the fact that he is aware and holding it is progress and the good part. I’d like to think that this is what Charlie Sheen meant when he talked about “winning” (though if you have seen the video you know it’s not, but let us pretend, shall we?). I feel like this is “winning!”
You only have one more day (well, there will be maintenance and I will probably post about that too--no promises) of solely potty training related posting. Enjoy!!


  1. OH Potty Training!!! I'm wishing you good luck! We tried last year for a couple weeks and then again this spring and wahoooo! after a 2-3 months he has finally gotten it! We still have accidents like yesterday in the car(phew) but I can handle that every once in a while! :) Good luck in the potty training! Sounds like it's going great so far!!!! :)

  2. PS I had to login as Anonymous bc blogger is acting weird! rrrgh! :)
    This is MageeMommy from :)


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