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Friday, May 13, 2011

Potty Training, duh, duh, dunnnnnn

Hi Y’all!
I have decided that since we have nothing going on this weekend I am attempting to potty train Mr. Chaos Little Man. He is not yet two and a half, but he has been showing a few signs of being ready. Let me tell you that I have been ready for years. Up until the last eight months or so he cried every single time you changed his diaper. I think it is because he does not like being cold, but as he is too young to use words to tell me this is my best guess. (And is that not what parenting is most of the time--your best guess?)
We will be trying the potty train in three days method (I have Monday set aside as well in case we need the extra time). Prayers, tips, funny antidotes, and comments are all appreciated and will be read in times of stress. :)
Here is my good friend’s prayer she texted me: Dear Lord, please give R patience for the longest 6 months of her life... and high tolerance for incredible amounts of poop and pee everywhere. Help her to see the humor when ‘it’ isn’t pointed into the potty and poop is streaked down the front of the toilet. Dear Lord, please help my dear friend ‘cuz she is potty training a boy!!!!!

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