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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 3

Hi y'all,

I decided that since my little brother is getting married one friday in July and my best friend is getting married the very next day!!! that I should probably kick my butt back into workout and eat right gear. To this end I have been getting back into the gym (even if it has only been one day a week!) and started over with my meal plan three days ago. This is the blog post where I set out my first two weeks for those of you who wanted to follow along. I am back there now.

I remember kicking butt the first three or four days when I started this last year, but this year has been a different story. Day one was a struggle and it does not seem to have let up. Let me break it down for you.

Day one--the children keep begging for fruit snacks all. day. long. The smell of said snacks triggers my want for sugar!!! This makes me grumbly and I want to have a fruit snack too and begin again the next day. I resist.

Day two--MOPS. These wonderful women bring in all sorts of food for us to munch while we conversate (apparently this is not a word according to my dictionary...) and listen to speakers or do crafts. The "food" has also been aptly described as a "carb fest." If you read that meal plan above you know that carbs are super limited these first two weeks. I really love donuts and only eat them at MOPS. Alas, I passed. However, then my good friend, K, invited the children and I to McD's for some nugs and playland time. The smell of those french fries almost. killed. me. I stayed strong.

Day three--My Little Princess has her Mother's Day celebration at preschool and there is brunch with little blueberry muffins (yum!) and fruit (double yum!) and orange juice. Again, was seriously tempted to just start over.

The only thing that has kept me on track so far is the actually the fact that these past few days have been such a struggle and I really do not want to add to this current misery. It is two weeks, dadgumit! Can all of you wait a month so that I can have my one "cheat" meal a week and I can choose accordingly? Oh, and can you inform me of this at least a week in advance so I can choose my favorite? Thanks, friends!!


P.S. Tomorrow is National Mom's Nite Out and two of my good friends Wendy at Choosing Love and Morgan at BecomingHomegrown are hosting an event at Buffalo Wild Wings that night. We can safely say that this was NOT my ideal week to start back with this meal plan!

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  1. Oh I totally understand. Everywhere I go with my job as an ECE Facilitator there is carb/sugar fest morning teas!! Every meeting has it too. Good on you for resisting the temptation! :) And thank you for your lovely words on my blog. :)


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