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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Boy Bed Chronicles

Oh, friends,

As soon as we decided to stop potty training Mr. Chaos Little Man decided we should move straight into the Big Boy Bed Chronicles! He decided getting out of his crib three times in one night/morning was an excellent idea. This was the first (second, and third) time he had done it. Did not take him long to master that art. Mr. Fantastic Husband Man took off the side crib rail and we installed a one of those removable bed rails. The crib my son sleeps in is the one that I slept in as a baby, so pre-convertible crib. Mr. Fantastic is ingenious though.

Not my choice to move straight from delaying potty training into big boy bed training, but there it is, folks. My life has not been on my schedule for quite some time. Apparently I needed reminding of that fact. The transition has been rocky and my facebook friends can attest to that. Suffice to say that I shall describe in more detail the trials, but for now I shall bid you all ado and goodnight!


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