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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts

Hi y'all,

Over the holiday weekend where we honor those serving and who have served our military and country my family and I visited our family who live down south a stone's throw away from Mexico. One of our best vacations to date. We ate excellent food, kept excellent company, and experienced many firsts in our lives. Us city mice had a great time visiting our country mice family. :)

My Little Princess is four years old and she got to go horse backing, atv riding, and a few other things. When I last asked, horseback riding was the favorite. I see lessons in our future. Deals anyone?

Mr. Chaos Little Man also got to go horseback riding and atv riding for the first times as well. He had the greatest time riding fast down country roads with his daddy. The phrases, "Woohoo" and "This is FUN!" were uttered often. I see fun and trouble down this path. He is a boy and I will encourage as much safety as possible, but I see broken bones in this kid's future. Little Man still seems to have no fear.

I shot many a pistol with excellent instruction from both my cousins. We do keep a few in our home for self defense and I can finally say that I feel comfortable should the need arise (God forbid) that I have to pick it up. If you are looking for an excellent resource on guns, gun safety and children may I recommend The Cornered Cat. I am not looking to debate the issue here, but am open to discourse in another forum so feel free to contact me. I also know which pistol I currently have my eye on for my own self defense, though I plan to shoot a few more before the final decision. Oh, who am I kidding? I fell in love with my cousin's Kimber 1911 officer's pistol. We will be saving a while for this one. :) It is on the list for sures.

My husband calls me Little Annie Oakley. I would not go that far... yet. And that watermelon had it coming--trust me. Getting my CCW (even though technically in this state I do not need it) is on my list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. (I have not finished the list, therefore, that is why you have not seen it yet. Working on it.)

What did you do to celebrate? What are some things on your list (bucket or otherwise)? Experience any firsts lately?


I have so much thankfulness and respect for our soldiers and their families for the sacrifices they make that make family vacations like this possible for me and mine.

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  1. I found your blog while doing a search for Kimber. I love mine and hope you are able to get yours soon. You will love it. I won mine at a Friends of the NRA dinner. I bought a $20 raffle ticket, best $20 I ever spent. My wife and I love to go shooting together and she is also wanting to get her CCW. I have had mine for a couple years now. Good luck on saving for your Kimber and getting your CCW.


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