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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Potty Training Chronicles Conclusion

Hi y’all,
I promised some conclusions from my potty training experience. After a week without my computer I know y'all must be dying to learn my conclusion--or not, whatever. Want to know what I learned? If not, stop reading here. ;)
First off, make sure you and your child(ren) are healthy before you start this endeavor because it will up the stress factor if not and not set you up for success if anyone is sick.
Second, some stress on the child’s part if going to most likely happen. I did not really consider this as I was reading the method and was a bit surprised by it when it happened, but it made sense. The little guy did not want to get his big boys wet, but he was unsure of what exactly to do and was still figuring out his body’s signals. Normal and completely okay.
I do like this method not advocating pull ups because I did see my little guy learning and making the connections much quicker than my daughter did when we used pull ups with her.
You really do need to entirely set aside these three days to focus, focus, focus on the child and the training. This is not for the faint of heart. It is difficult to do. I swear to you every time I stepped more than 10 feet away from the little guy on day one was the time he would choose to pee. I went to get my daughter a glass of water around the corner and he whizzed as soon as I stepped out of sight for a second. This is ‘training’ and I think of it now like I would think of football training during the season before a really big game. Intensely focused without distraction.
Lastly, it is okay to fail. The author says that any child over 22 months of age can be trained using this method. I do not think all children are the same and fit into a box, nor does every parent’s schedule/personality/preference line up with what the 3 Day Potty Training Method outlines.
Side note: We did the pull ups thing with My Little Princess and she is four and fully potty trained now and I may do this same method I came up with for her with Mr. Chaos, but I have not honestly decided yet. 
I would really like to get most of the potty training out of the way in three days and deal with the occasional accident, but I do not know how realistic that is. I am wanting to give this ‘3 Day Potty Training’ Method one more shot, because I did see progress being made. I also did make mistakes and I think I have learned from them and will do it better this next time around. My Little Princess is going to need to spend the day with a friend, I think. Any takers? :)
I was not paid to “review” this method. It was offered to me free through Parenting AZ and First Things First. I was open to trying it and wanted to let other parents out there know what worked or did not work for us. It is not easy being a parent and navigating the ins and outs of this stuff. Everyone has an opinion or something they swear by because it worked for them. I hope this is a resource in helping you make a decision on how to potty train. I hope you feel encouraged. I hope you found this helpful.

P.S. I am also slated to be a guest blogger over at Arizona Mom's Network so check back for my blog on a great splash pad in the valley! :)

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  1. I volunteer to take LP for the day, under the circumstances it may be better for me to spend the weekend with her. Its a lot of money for a plane ticker for just one day :). I still have a lot of vacation this year so maybe even 3-4 days would be better....



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