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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mental Game

Hi y'all,

I have been doing a new eating plan and I have to tell you it is a mental game, y'all. I am eating smaller portion sizes and cutting out the unnecessary snacking. I have already lost a good deal of weight in this first week.

I swear I have to take it one day at a time because the six-eight weeks seems so very long. It is a constant, hmmmm, I want a snack. The kids' peanut butter crackers smell really good, but it has so much sugar and fat and is not on my approved list currently. Oh, I would like to have a piece of the very yummy zucchini bread I baked, but again, not on the list. Maybe I could just lick my fingers since a little got on there. Oh, no. I should not because at one little taste my willpower may fail. Or it might not, but I do not want to put myself in that spot. I told Mr. Fantastic Husband Man that I sounded like an addict, taking it one day at a time, lol. He pointed out that I am not though, because I would consumed with thoughts of food if I were and, thankfully, I am not. I believe it is a real addiction and I am not too proud to admit I have used food to fill a need and emotionally eaten. The part that we find funny is that I always acknowledge it too. Oh, the kids are super stressing me out today. I am going to emotionally eat this bowl of ice cream and I am okay with that. Honestly, it has helped me identify the cause right now when I feel that urge (I am bored, tired, lonely, stressed, whatever) to eat/snack. Who knew that eating right would be good for the soul as well? Oh, yeah, lots of people... I am just getting on board that boat. :)

I heard somewhere, ages ago, that it takes two weeks to form a habit. Well, week one is over. Re-forming the good eating habits I have let slide over the past couple months is a challenge, but I know it will be worth it. How long do they say it takes to break a bad habit? Is it two months? Anyone know?

So, whatever your daily struggle I sincerely hope your willpower can stay strong. I am hanging in the trenches with you!

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