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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sewing more things

Hi friends and family,

I am so blessed to have people in my life who craft and sew! If I'm frustrated by a crochet pattern I can call and lament this fact to a friend and she will encourage me to keep trying. When I am completely lost on what comes next or what that sewing term means I can text my cousin or call my aunt and they can walk me through it.

Speaking of, my aunt and uncle were on their way home from seeing the Grand Canyon. They made a special trip to see the snow there. Yes, we do get snow here, surprise, surprise. She and I had talked about patterns and she helped me pick out a few over Thanksgiving when she was here and I still have not completed all of them (but thankfully I have completed two and not zero!). I was intimidated by the language in the next one I was attempting and she walked me through some of it and how I could do this short cut or bypass that part of it. Waaaaaay simpler now that I have had someone walk me through parts! :)

Any sewers out there have sites that they turn to? Any advice for a beginner?

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